If you are thinking about getting married or already are but, are looking for ways to ensure that you and your special someone will remain together for a long, healthy, happy life together, here are some tips to follow.

1) Continue to take care of yourself.

This goes for men and women, you both need to eat right, exercise, shower regularly, continue to do all of the things that you would do while you were dating.

Although your partner almost certainly isn’t a superficial person who would leave you if you start to let yourself go, by taking care of yourself, you are implicitly showing to your partner that you not only have respect for your own well-being, but that you have the drive to keep bettering yourself, even when you are already happily married.

A lot of times, things start to go sour when one (or both) individuals start to lose their own self-worth over time.

Someone will feel more dominant or simply better than the other, and that leads to fighting and arguing at the smallest issues.

Eventually, it will become too much and a divorce will be imminent!

If both of you take care of yourselves though, it is much less likely for your marriage to head in that direction.

As insignificant as it seems now, being a champion of your own life will help to keep your marriage strong and healthy for as long as possible!

2) Let them know how much they mean to you every day.

No, you do not have to write them long, sappy love letters or sing them songs outside of your bedroom window, but making sure that you take time out of the day, even you are busy, is so important to keeping the marriage strong.

When life happens and things get crazy and busy, sometimes it can be hard to remember your spouse and his or her needs.

However, that is precisely the time that you need to show them your love – especially he or she is in a rough place in life for whatever reason.

Telling them about your feelings is a sure way to keep the relationship strong, even if it is just a simple “I miss you” text at two o’clock in the afternoon for no reason at all.

Or surprise them with a gift every now and then.

Or simply surprise them with a kiss when they least expect it!

The little things truly help to remind them just how lucky they are to have you, ensuring that the romantic spark doesn’t fade over time.

3) Never stop trying new things in the bedroom.

Sleeping with the same person, even the love of your life, every day can get boring if you are not willing to try new things.

Trying new things in the bedroom does not mean that you do not love the person who you are with and a lot of times when one person brings it up, the other will become defensive thinking that they are not good enough but, this is not the case.

Trying new things with your spouse can not only be good for pleasure but, it can strengthen the relationship.

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Marriage or love is not a cage, it is not something that should make the other person in the relationship feel trapped.

In fact, love is like an open house, where you and the one you love should not only feel welcome, but encourage to explore your love in a safe, fun way.