Throughout your life you will have random urges to have children, at other points in your life you will literally want anything but, to have kids.

This is one of the biggest choices you will ever have to make in your life and is something that should not be made in a five second urge because you do not want to regret it later, not for you but, for the kids.

1) Do you feel like you are financially stable enough to have children?

This is one of the main reasons for a horrible childhood, no money is not everything but, money is a lot of things when it comes to kids.

For example, do you have enough for their clothes, food, diapers, doctor visits, play time, toys, trips, etc.

If you cannot afford to have a child, please, do not, this affects children in more ways than you could ever image.

2) Do you have the time?

As much as you may want to have a kid, it is just as important to determine whether you have the ability to take on that responsibility.

The best way to figure this out, is by getting an animal, they need just about the same amount of attention as a child does.

Owning and taking care of a pet can provide a great litmus test on if you are ready for having kids.

But even if you aren’t ready, the experience of owning a dog can help you to eventually be ready for that next step.

And in that sense, there are a host of great reasons why couples should explicitly get a pet before having a baby.

However, if you get a pet and find that they are an inconvenience to your life or that you just do not have the time to properly take care of them and give them the life they deserve, and most importantly do not see yourself getting more adapt at taking care of them over time, then having a baby is probably not a good idea (at least for now).


3) Did you do all of the things in your life that you wanted to?

This is a huge part of why a lot of parents regret having children, because they rushed into the process when they were nothing but, children themselves and when you have one, everything in your whole life changes.

All the dreams and goals you had of traveling the world or putting in all the long hours for your job have now been thrown out the window because all of your priorities have been shifted onto the child and their wants and needs, not yours.

Everything that you ever wanted to do will now have to wait eighteen years or more and by that time, you might be too tired or not in the mood to travel anymore.

Having children is always a beautiful process but, it is not everything about life and if you decide that you do not want to have them that is perfectly okay.

You would rather not have them, than have children and then not only not be able to give them a good life but, yours will have just gotten turned upside down as well.

It is not something that you can decide in a in the moment conversation, most people have a hard time staying in a relationship for a year because they are unhappy with how it has changed their life, now imagine being in a situation that you are not happy with for eighteen or more years, while bringing another person into the world who might end up unhappy themselves because you wanted a child for five minutes once when you were young.