If you are looking for the perfect brides maid dresses, here are a few tips that will make the process easier to survive.

1) Set an appointment at least three months prior to the wedding.

The chaos that surrounds the big day is going to be coming from every direction, the last thing you want to have to worry about is if the dresses are going to be ready in time.

This is a great way to lift some of the unneeded stress from everyone’s life during the event of planning the wedding.

2) Make sure ALL of the brides maids are going to be at the appointments.

When you are picking out the dresses it is vital to make sure all members of the party can attend, it will cause less drama, allowing everyone to have their own opinions on the dresses themselves, rather than trying to be cute and surprising everyone last minute.

We understand that this is all about the bride but, being in an uncomfortable dress that makes the brides maids feel uncomfortable is going to add a heavy layer of tension over the reception, that is the last thing that anyone wants.

3) Start by focusing on the type of dress.

This is something that all parties who will be wearing it will have to agree on.

Let’s face it, things always look different on the hanger, not to mention not all of your brides maids have the exact some body, making sure that you get a style of dress and material that will look flattering on all parties is a great way to ensure that nobody will be unhappy or uncomfortable during the wedding, making them more ready to do their brides maid duties.

4) Then focus on the color.

Most weddings have three main colors that make up the entire reception and decor, giving these colors all a fair option when it comes to getting the right one for the dresses is essential.

Again, depending on the bridesmaids some shades look better and horrible on some people, trying to find a color that looks great with all skin colors, hair shades and body shapes is the best idea, not just for them but, for the bride.

You will have the pictures for the rest of your life, ensuring that everyone looks happy, confident and drop dead gorgeous along side of the bride is what really pulls a wedding together.

The last thing any bride wants on her wedding day is for one of the brides maids to look out of place standing up along side of her at the altar.

Finding the perfect brides maid dresses is not an easy process but, if you make sure to follow these four simple steps, it will ensure that you will be getting the best results for the over all idea for your time and money.

This is your big day and you want everything to be in tip top shape for not only the one night but, when you think about on memories and pictures you do not want there to be any regrets!